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To quote Victor Meldrew …

Posted by shutah on May 16, 2007

And neither will you …click  HERE  but be prepared to be shocked!!
This is one of the most horrendous pieces of ‘advertising’ I have ever seen!! 
  1. Is it morally wrong! Is it legal? 
  2. This needs to be stopped – quickly!!  
How can MSN be permitted to ‘advertise’ this on the Internet? 
Comments and suggestions please.    


3 Responses to “To quote Victor Meldrew …”

  1. 1. Possibly, but not really.

    2. Yes.

    It’s an advertisement for a particular product from a Canadian internet-based pharmacy. It looks like an entirely legitimate business and requires a prescription since Paxil is a prescription only drug. It’s only morally wrong if every pharmacy, whether internet-based on on the high street is morally wrong to sell the drug.

    It appears to be marketed to people in the US. Due to the vagaries of the US heathcare system, people may find themselves without cover for the drugs they’ve been prescribed, meaning that they have to buy them at the retail cost from pharmacies. Purchasing these drugs by mail-order from Canada tends to be cheaper than from US pharmacies. (See this for more details.)

    In other words, the advertisement isn’t saying “Paxil is great, it’ll solve all your problems, please buy it from us!”, but “If you’ve been prescribed Paxil and don’t want to pay large sums of money to a US pharmacy, buy it from us instead.”

    You can argue that the US healthcare system and the way it leads to people having to shop around for cheaper sources for their prescription medications is morally wrong, but I don’t see anything particularly bad about the advert in question.

  2. Disgraceful. I’m penning a letter to msn as we speak

  3. shutah said

    In response to ‘Experimental Chimp’ …..

    Your comment was read and noted and I thank you for your contribution.

    Whilst my intention is to remain ‘fair’ in my reporting, I doubt very much whether a prospective purchaser of Paroxetine via MSN Shopping has to provide evidence that he has in fact been ‘prescribed’ the drug before he is permitted to make an on-line purchase!! Therefore, it is of course morally wrong to offer this drug for purchase via this medium. If I were a Heroin addict, would it be possible to purchase, say, Methodone, via MSN Shopping? No, of course not!! The fact that withdrawal from Paroxetine is reported to be 10 x worse than withdrawal from Heroin clarifies my point!! And, I’ll bet there are many many witnesses to that testimony!!

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