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Posted by shutah on May 24, 2007

An article by:

Shane Ellison M. Sc.
The People’s Chemist
May 23, 2007 – 

Imagine a lobotomy…A saw cracking your skull, followed by a surgical knife slicing and dicing a large portion of your brain – the portion responsible for helping you cope with all the nastiness in the world. You know, things like the exorbitant income tax which makes you work four months out of every year just to pay Uncle Sam. Or that invisible tax called inflation that ensures a lifetime of capitalistic slavery for you and your children. Or, the millions of helpless infants who are stabbed with vaccines and subsequently suffer from autism.

Without the ability to cope, a lobotomy would surely open the doors to all kinds of craziness from the nastiness in the world….depression, suicide, and murder become a reality…And this is exactly what an SSRI (antidepressant) can potentially do at the molecular level – remove that portion of your brain that helps you cope…Maybe that is what happened to 81 year old Jordan Stone.

Thirteen days after taking the SSRI Prozac, on April 28, 2003, Jordan‘s wife of 56 years, Kathy, found his lifeless body hanging from a beam in a back room of their shop. Not depressed at the time of his appointment, Jordan was given a free sample of the antidepressant for “chest pains!” Apparently, a pretty drug rep convinced
Jordan‘s doctor that Prozac could be used for these types of “off-label” purposes. By FDA standards, this is totally illegal. But those standards are never enforced by the consumer watch dog turned Big Pharma lap dog. Regardless of what they are prescribed for, a chemical lobotomy is a real and present danger to SSRI users.

SSRI’s strive to increase the levels of a “coping” molecule known as serotonin in the brain. It helps us FIND happiness when it’s covered in an avalanche of nastiness. SSRI’s attempt to boost serotonin by “selectively” stopping the “reuptake” of it among brain cells. This is where the whole SSRI acronym came from – “selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor.” It’s a slick name that seems to hypnotize medical doctors into prescribing submission, but it’s a really stupid idea.

Nothing is selective in the body. While trying to block the reuptake of serotonin, SSRI’s can also prevent its release. The areas of the brain responsible for release and reuptake are so damn similar (after all, they work on the same molecule) that an SSRI isn’t smart enough to understand which one it is supposed to work on. So it does what any dumb drug would do, it blocks both. The end result: no coping molecules in the brain. Deep sadness, fear or anger can set in. This was observed in the early studies performed on SSRI’s, but test subjects were allowed to drop out or mask the pain that comes with a chemical lobotomy using pain killers and/or muscle relaxants. This served as an easy way for Big Pharma to hide the detrimental effects of SSRI’s – FDA approval ensued, and so has the ripple effect of suicide.

Truth doesn’t stay hidden forever. FDA is proposing a “black box” warning to outline the risk of suicide among all antidepressant’s such as Lexapro, Paxil, Prozac and Zoloft. If it were a nutritional supplement, jail time would result for manufacturers…But not for Big Pharma, they just get a “black box” warning on their products…Watch dog turned lap dog.

SSRI’s block another coping molecule in the brain, dopamine. It’s the molecule that lets you FEEL happiness. When you make love to your wife, win a marathon, or tell your micro-managing boss at work to shove it, dopamine yields the feelings of love, accomplishment and victory. It’s also the molecule that keeps you protected from Parkinson’s disease. Aside from being a zombie, the Harvard School of Public Health recently warned that due to lack of dopamine, people taking antidepressants are nearly twice as likely to suffer from Parkinson’s compared to those not taking them.

By removing serotonin and dopamine from the brain, users can’t FIND or FEEL happiness courtesy of a lobotomy – minus the saw and surgical knife. Instead, they become buried in the avalanche of nastiness…And if you can’t find or feel happiness in life, what’s the point? What’s gonna stop you from snapping your neck or spraying bullets on your classmates?

Thanks to pretty drug reps, off-label drug pushing and the FDA approval of antidepressants, chemical lobotomy and its ripple effect is here, but not here to stay… if the People’s Chemist has anything to say about it. Use Mother Nature in place of dangerous drugs.

Supplements that aid in a chemical process known as “methylation” help coping: folic acid, trimethylglycine and methylsulfonyl methane are among them. These vital substances can be obtained naturally from whey isolate protein, spinach, sunflower seeds, shellfish, and beets. For severe depression, the essential amino acid and natural serotonin booster L-tryptophan (not 5-HTP) is a much safer alternative than SSRI’s. It is readily available and it won’t accidentally remove your coping skills and throw you into suicide or rage. Exercise and minimizing sugar are of course vital lifestyle habits for ensuring proper state of mind. Send an email to for a free workout.

Avoiding drugs and relying on Mother Nature to help us cope will ensure that we rise above the nastiness in the world and strive to and make it a better place…We can start by saying no to prescription drugs, especially SSRI’s.

© 2007 Shane Ellison

Shane Ellison holds a Master’s degree in organic chemistry and has first-hand industry experience with drug research, design and synthesis. With his keen ability to sift through scientific literature and weed out fact from fiction, Shane has empowered thousands to assert their health freedom by saying “no” to prescription drugs.



  1. You know, there’s something I don’t understand. I’m fully aware that pharmacological companies have misreported the risks associated with SSRI’s and that this is utterly reprehensible. But it seems reprehensible to me because this prevents doctors and patients making informed choices about the medications they prescribe and take.

    There’s a huge leap between the justifiable anger at this and the distortion and hyperbole of articles such as the above. The fact that SSRI’s have risks that people were not informed about does not mean that they’re not useful or that the risks are not worth taking for some people.

    Calling SSRI’s a chemical lobotomy is pure hyperbole. It’s a fabrication designed to scare people and has absolutely no connection to reality.

    The author mentions a man called “Jordan Stone”, who may or may not have existed since I can’t find any independent verification that the events reported ever occurred. He then goes on to call serotonin a “coping molecule”, but appears to be the only person ever to have done so.

    This is what we who might dabble in ‘logic’ call a ‘straw man argument’, or, more accurately, a ‘lie’.

    Then there’s the bit where he calls the term “selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor” a “slick name that seems to hypnotize medical doctors”. What he doesn’t mention and perhaps doesn’t know is that “selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor” isn’t a marketing term at all. It’s an accurate description that was used in the patent for Prozac (as “selective 5HT uptake inhibitor”) to distinguish between previous drugs that inhibited the reuptake of both serotonin and norepinephrine and fluoxetine, which was… more selective.

    He then misreports the mechanism by which SSRIs can “prevent [serotonin’s] release”. This is a documented effect, but doesn’t happen in the way he describes: “So it does what any dumb drug would do, it blocks both.” What can actually occur is that high levels of serotonin can cause the brain to down-regulate its production until it adjusts to the new, higher levels. The author is either being disingenuous or ignorant. Either way, it’s a lie.

    Now, Mr. Ellison is clearly making a living from taking this anti-pharmaceutical stance, appearing on talk shows and writing books. What I completely fail to understand is why people who are aware that health information often comes distorted are willing to believe things like this, which are obviously distorted into fitting a rather specific agenda, while taking a sensibly cynical view of the information from the pharmaceutical companies.

    Cynicism about this kind of thing is good and sensible. Why do the people who have been affected by Big Pharma’s distortions buy into this with such credulity?

  2. shutah said

    Excellent comment … there are two sides to every coin, and I’m very grateful for your considered and well-written response.

    My aim on this site is to provide as balanced a view as possible to the issues surrounding Seroxat.

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