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GlaxoSmithKline around the World

Posted by shutah on June 13, 2007

Hello GlaxoSmithKline and welcome to my blog. 

I’ve noticed from my site reports that ‘you’ (particularly in Cary, North Carolina) have been interested in a variety of my postings over the course of the last few weeks.Why don’t you ever respond to any of the points I make? 

I’m sure you check the many blogs containing articles related to GSK, and Seroxat in particular, and am surprised that you feel the need to hide away.Why don’t you come out into the real world and correspond with some blog authors instead of just furtively checking the site periodically to see the next installment?  Surely you don’t have anything else to hide!  Do you? 

Stand up and be counted – like us!!!  Tell us what you think of our reporting.  Are we being fair, accurate and diligent? 

I look forward to hearing from you shortly – or will I just have to carry on reporting in the knowledge that at least I’ve drawn your attention?

Kind regards



One Response to “GlaxoSmithKline around the World”

  1. They are in denial. Their outlook is todays news is tomorrows fish and chip paper – The internet is an invention whereupon blogs such as this will remain as a record forever.

    The GSK lawyers have probably told them not to make any comment. The only way we bloggers can fight this is by reporting what has already been unearthed and keeping it in the public eye.

    You are doing a great job with this blog Shutah.


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