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Seroxat/Paxil and Scientology

Posted by shutah on June 20, 2007

Well, this is a different tack for me as I’m not given to ‘telling tales’!  However, a few interesting ‘events’ have taken place this week in the world of Seroxat/Paxil/GSK/ and although it may prove uninteresting and/or unnecessary to report I decided to share them with you anyway!

Sunday, whilst carrying out my usual site meter results, I noticed a new ‘viewer’ to my blog amongst the usual pharmaceutical companies, doctors, universities, the BBC, GSK and various law firms around the globe … it was the Church of Scientology.  Hmmm, interesting I thought … now why are they interested in l’il ol’ me I wonder? 

Monday, the SUG (SeroxatUserGroup) held a long-awaited meeting with Lord Hunt in Westminster (see Sunday’s blog), on which I’m awaiting permission to provide a report on soon.

Tuesday, I was alerted to a news item in The New York Times, regarding comments made by one John Travolta …. who says his thinking is in line with fellow Scientologist Tom Cruise, who has publicly defended the religion’s stance against psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry.Cruise, during a famously heated debate on NBC’s ”Today” show in 2005, criticized Brooke Shields for taking anti-depression drugs and berated host Matt Lauer for suggesting that psychiatric treatment might help some patients.

”I don’t disagree with anything Tom says,” Travolta says.  ”How would I have presented it? Maybe differently than how he did, but it doesn’t matter. I still think that if you analyze most of the school shootings, it is not gun control. It is (psychotropic) drugs at the bottom of it.”

”I don’t want to create controversy; I just have an opinion on things, and there is nothing wrong with stating your opinion if you are asked,” he continues. ”Everyone wants that right, and because you are famous doesn’t mean you have less of a right.”                             

Following this ‘recital’, I decided to take a sneaky peek at the Scientology website and found this interesting video.  Did you happen to watch the BBC Panorma documentary about the Church of Scientology a few weeks ago?  Well, it was fascinating … and this video is the “Church’s” take on the BBC!! 

Hmmm, to quote an old Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-in favourite, “very interesting, but stupid”!!

I’ll leave you to make up your own mind about it … and comment here if you wish!  Politely of course!


One Response to “Seroxat/Paxil and Scientology”

  1. Lawsathome said

    Well how interesting and having now watched both the video and the original Panorama programme and snippets on YouTube, I marvel at the art of editing in television and other media. I have no opinion other than to say I do feel that John Sweeney was antagonistic and that his programme did report only on the negative side of the organisation and evidence of his ‘staging events’ is rather disturbing!! As for Scientology, on that subject I’ll refrain from comment!! Don’t you just love propaganda – I’ll stick with The X-files philosophy of ‘The truth is out there’.

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