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Update from GSK CEO

Posted by shutah on July 25, 2007

 jp-garnier.jpg  J P Garnier

The Glaxo ceo sits still for a chat with The Philadelphia Inquirer and discusses a smattering of topics. Here are a few of his remarks:

On John Buse, the University of North Carolina endocrinologist who criticized Avandia and, for his candor, was threatened with a $4 billion lawsuit: “Dr. Buse made peace with the company. He has worked with the company since.”

On Steve Nissen’s meta-analysis of Avandia: It’s “a good diagnostic tool. It can raise questions; it cannot provide answers.” And he offered that Glaxo conducted more thorough tests, in which “Avandia looks pristine.”

On Glaxo’s Cervarix HPV vaccine and a royalty dispute with Merck: “In vaccines, you only get protection once.There has never been a vaccine with a potential audience this big. Nothing comes close…It would have been unethical to block Merck. The vaccine could save lives.”

On SiCKO and the single-payer healthcare: “I’m sure (the movie) has entertainment value. The model of health care is Canada, Cuba and France? That can only have entertainment value…Frankly, (single-payer healthcare) has failed in most countries.” But he does think the US should establish “a minimum safety net for everyone” to cover catastrophes.

On the Glaxo political action committee and the 5,400 employees who donate. JP says 20 employees on the PAC board decide who gets the money. “It’s the employees who decide what they want. It’s like United Way. We are totally neutral. We care about issues. We don’t have a political color…I give contributions to people who support our positions on issues.”


One Response to “Update from GSK CEO”

  1. truthman30 said

    I’m sure JP garnier is really concerned for patients.. Of course he is…
    Profit is not the bottome line.. (yeah right)

    After all he is retiring next year isn’t he? …( in May i believe)
    God forbid if if he gets ill in his old age…
    Karma tends not to be kind to those whom lie for a living…
    Not that Mr Garnier is a liar of course…
    I’m sure he is just being selective with the “truth”…
    ( just another corporate CEO doing what he is paid to do , and just another couple of thousands patients who will pay with their health)

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