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Minutes of Meeting with Lord Philip Hunt

Posted by shutah on July 28, 2007

Minutes of meeting chaired by Lord Philip Hunt MP on 18 June 2007.

You may recall that on 18 June 2007 a meeting, chaired by Lord Philip Hunt MP, was held with the Seroxat Users Group to discuss various issues surrounding the SSRI Seroxat.  I am pleased to provide a copy of the minutes of that meeting here for you to read and comment upon. (Click on the red link at the top of this post) 

Lord Hunt was at that time the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Health.  However, following PM Gordon Brown’s shuffle of ministers, the role now falls to  Alan Johnson as Secretary of State for Health, and Dawn Primarolo as Minister of State for Public Health.

Two weeks before the Seroxat User Group meeting with Lord Hunt, and just three weeks before the shuffle of ministers, the following statement was made by Lord Hunt in part of his speech delivered to the British Association of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers (BAPW) on 6 June 2007:

“The MHRA is responsible for ensuring the safety, quality and efficacy of medicines available in the UK and it is not for ministers to intervene. Part of its responsibility and a key priority for the Agency is to develop and implement a strategy to tackle the availability of counterfeit medicine in the UK in both the regulated and unregulated supply chains. The MHRA has a successful and fruitful relationship with the BAPW and I would encourage joint working. The MHRA, BAPW, other law enforcement agencies, industry and trade associations will soon be holding the second six monthly ‘Anti-Counterfeit Stakeholder’ meeting to review its watch-list of the medicines most at risk of counterfeiting for sale in the UK. This list provides the basis for a risk based intelligence led approach to ensure vigilance in the UK supply chain is maintained and targeted market surveillance and testing of medicines throughout the supply chain is conducted accordingly.”

I invite your comments.


One Response to “Minutes of Meeting with Lord Philip Hunt”

  1. truthman30 said

    I suspect that the reason GSK have not been brought to book yet in the UK is because they bring in billions to the UK economy,..

    They are practically an age-old institution in the UK …
    And they have their tentacles everywhere, from research and university funding to patient groups and academic sponsorship… They have a massive stake in the UK health industry and the UK economy and health sector has a massive dependence on GSK… If you look at the history of GSK, before the merger, it was more or less recognised that GSK could do what it liked as long as it didn’t relocate outside of the UK . MP’s and the government will not rock the boat for GSK…
    In some ways, GSK is as powerful as the government…
    And in this day and age, it is the multinationals who call the shots, and the CEO’s who lunch with prime ministers,,,
    As for the MHRA… They are merely a smokescreen for Big Pharma, and within the MHRA , conflicts of interests abound…

    The Seroxat scandal goes beyond dodgy drug reps, biased clinical trials, corporate opportunism and fraudulant practices. The Seroxat Scandal echos through the houses of parliament and a a secretive industry funded regulator ..

    The Seroxat scandal and all it entails rocks the very foundation of the whole system….
    The government won’t touch it with a barge pole…

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