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In Rememberance

Posted by shutah on August 5, 2007

 From the Administrator and Advocate of PaxilProgress.

“The post below is from David Singletary, a friend and roomate of criss. From his report, criss took his own life last night. We know the pain and despair he was in from his posting here. I think we can take some comfort in the fact that he found us and had contact with others in paxil withdrawal. Sadly, it took his life. “

this is david singletary, criss had been living with me trying to get his life back, he told me he had spoke to a lot of people on this site. i do no know quite how to say this, i am in shock still. but criss left a note asking that i post this for him to say thanks to everyone who spoke to him, yesterday afternoon criss passed away due to a self inflicted gunshot wound.i did not know he had a gun on him, if i did i don’t think i could have stopped him he was twice as big as me and as strong as an ox. he had just went to his dr and they did not want to listen to what he had to say about his own treament. his life had fell apart lately, divorce, job, family, everything he had was gone. i keep asking my self what i could have done for him. criss was the guy everybody wanted to be, he had it all in college, the body, the girls, the football games, man i wanted to be him. but inside little did i know what a tortured person he was , i noticed serious mood changes in criss while he was on paxil, and i watched my best friend walk out my frontdoor into the middle of the street and shoothimself.    in loving memory of my best friend criss, david singeltary

My heart goes out to Criss’ family and friends and all those who knew him.  The posting was placed on the PaxilProgress website yesterday and is a grim reminder (if anyone needs it) of why so many of us are passionate about addressing the issues surrounding Paxil/Seroxat. 

Dove of Peace   Rest In Peace


2 Responses to “In Rememberance”

  1. truthman30 said

    This is very sad, Seroxat has caused so much pain and suffering, when will they ban this awful drug!

  2. Lawsathome said

    I was very saddened to hear of this story today and my heartfelt condolences go out to David and Criss’s family and friends. I hope it is not too much longer before the serious sideeffects of this awful drug are formally acknowledged and acted upon and other families are not affected in such a tragic way.

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