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Highs and Lows of Ecstasy Hangover

Posted by shutah on August 7, 2007

“The Independent” journalist Johann Hari appears to be inciting argumentative response  to his Seroxat article The Highs and Lows of our Ecstasy Hangover .  

I felt rather angry at his quote … “A tiny number of suicides have been tenuously linked
to anti-depressants, and on the basis of these unproven accusations, an entire demonising bandwagon has been put on the road.”  The man obviously hasn’t looked at the growing number of websites and blogs about the subject; or spoken with the loved ones of those who have committed suicide, whose suffering will never end!   

His entire rant is overwhelmingly negative and inaccurate, scathing and biased, and doesn’t see the whole picture.  Despite his numerous awards,  the man is, in my opinion, nothing short of delusional in his writing.  Perhaps he and Shelley Joffre should debate the issue?


6 Responses to “Highs and Lows of Ecstasy Hangover”

  1. I’d call it a panegyric more than a rant. There’s bits that can be criticised (the promotion of the probably-wrong serotonin theory of depression, for example) and it’s certainly a bit biased.

    Do you consider it any more biased than your own blog (and others on the same subject), though?

  2. shutah said

    My reporting definitely has a propensity toward an object or view and tries not to leave one’s mind indifferent in the issues of Seroxat. Therefore, yes it is biased. I once wrote that I would try very hard to bring balance to my blog, however, I find little of note in my research to balance my bias toward either GSK or Seroxat. Unless, of course, you can point me in the right direction.

  3. truthman30 said

    Well, to be honest, i find it ironic when the word “biased” is mentioned in regards to the information on the Seroxat blogs. The only bias that exists is within the pharmaceutical agenda. Which is to sell drugs at any cost. The seroxat blogs are not biased, they are merely projecting information of relevance abiout Seroxat, which the mainstream news misses most of the time. I would like to ask experimental chimp, why do you feel you need to criticise the Seroxat blogs and what we are trying to say? Many people have died because of this defecive and dangerously toxic drug. Many people have been disabled to the point of non existence. Many families have been destroyed. It is a horrific assault on an already vulnerable group of society. I fail to see why you are so blind to the reality of what Seroxat is. It is corporate manslaughter and an absolute disgrace.

  4. Truthman: That’s a fair question, but we’ve already gone into it elsewhere. I’d rather not extend our argument into someone else’s blog. I went into my reasons for commenting here, specifically, in my first comment here:

    “I’m fully aware that pharmacological companies have misreported the risks associated with SSRI’s and that this is utterly reprehensible. But it seems reprehensible to me because this prevents doctors and patients making informed choices about the medications they prescribe and take. The fact that SSRI’s have risks that people were not informed about does not mean that they’re not useful or that the risks are not worth taking for some people.”

    I hope that my comments are useful to people and I think that’s the way Shutah sees them, but if I’m wrong about that then I’ll be happy to stop.

  5. Fiddy said

    Seroxat blog authors can go where reporters can’t. Newspapers will only print what isn’t deemed as litigatious… this is where blogs come in handy. If GSK wanted to sue the author of any ‘anti-Seroxat blog’ they would become newsworthy thus attracting the attention of the mainstream media – this in turn would direct more people to whatever blog author they were trying to sue.

    End of the day – you cannot stop anyone from talking about personal experience and in the main, Seroxat blogs are only reporting what has already been reported. I am in no doubt that blogs such as this have helped the cause and that HAS to be a good thing. There are far more anti Seroxat campaigners now then there is pro so I wouldn’t really let Johann Hari bother you.


  6. shutah said

    Thanks Fid …

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