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SSRI Seroxat Debate

Posted by shutah on August 8, 2007

Further to comments received and applied derision about Seroxat Weblog, I thought it only fair to share an interesting written debate that has been taking place recently regarding my “anti-psychopharmaceutical” postings.

From my ‘personal’ perspective, and having been prescribed Seroxat in 1996 for the anticipated control of severe migraines (which continue to hospitalise me when they occur), I can find no sound reasoning in why I, like many many others, am unable to cease taking this drug safely and without further trauma either to myself or to my family.  My postings are there to alert, report, inform and share any information I stumble across during research, which show the effects of the drug, the ineptitude of GSK drug trial reporting, and the destruction to families around the world.  The subject matter itself indicates very little positive reporting can be forthcoming.  I do not regard my writing as “anti-psychopharmaceutical” to any degree. 

Follow the debate and decide for yourselves whether you want to continue reading the Seroxat Weblog or not.     


2 Responses to “SSRI Seroxat Debate”

  1. I hope my comments and post on the subject aren’t taken as derision in any way. That’s certainly not what I’m aiming for. I disagree with some of your conclusions, but certainly don’t deny the validity or severity of your experience.

  2. shutah said

    Apology graciously accepted. It just seems to me though there is a strong tendency for you to always have the last word!

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