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A Lethal Cocktail

Posted by shutah on September 20, 2007

FOUR hero police officers who tackled a chainsaw-wielding maniac as he doused them with petrol will receive bravery awards today.

The officers were nominated for subduing gardener James Aitken as he ran amok in a quiet East Lothian village …. 33 year old Aitken, who was jailed for four years, was being treated for depression and anxiety with controversial drug Seroxat and should not have been drinking.

So, Seroxat takers around the world please note …. Seroxat and alcohol don’t mix happily!!

Will the MHRA and GSK yet concede to the dangers of this drug following this incident??


2 Responses to “A Lethal Cocktail”

  1. truthman30 said

    I just saw this article, Seroxat mixed with Alcohol is lethal and can lead to all sorts of out of character behaviour, from aggression to homicide…

  2. Steve said

    Hi there

    I have been taking Seroxat for 6 months now and have felt no side effects other than the first tablet(felt like an ectasy tablet). I am now trying to come off them as I suffr for a low thyoriod count and my doctor feels Seroxat is messing with the test results. I have drunk pretty much the whole time on them and have felt fine – drugs are an individual thing and have many side effects per individual.

    I would say thou that I am only on 20 mg a day and find that stopping them is pretty shitty – keep getting weird feelings in my head and my muscles spasm on thier own. Have been doing one every other day for 2 weeks and now trying to go to one every 3 days – have decided the best thing is to keep on taking them and go to the doctors for the liquid replacement and wean myself off that way.

    In general Seroxat has been good for me as I was feeling very low and only realised it as depression once I started taking Seroxat and the symptoms went away. I would say that it might be harder to come off of than I first thought.

    In conclusion I would say trust your doctor – yes there are alot of horror stories surronding this drug but it did help me. I hope this helps somebody coming aross this blog like I did.

    Some background information for anyone suffering from OCD – I found that even taking just 20 mg of this drug massively helped with my OCD which I have suffered with for 13 years. You will feel better but then realise its not you – its the drug – very weird but if you are an OCD sufferer you will understand.

    Take care all


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