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‘I will write to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency asking if more research is needed into the drug.’

Posted by shutah on January 13, 2011

Citalopram Inquiry:  On 7 December 2010 Birmingham Coroner Aiden Cotter said he would write to the MHRA and ask if more research is needed into this drug.  The statement was made following an inquest into the death of a 42 year old mother of two, who had committed suicide in October 2010.

Professor David Healy, an expert on anti-depressants  at Cardiff University, told the inquest he believed the drug [Citalopram]was  “likely to have played a part”.  He further added, “This is the second inquest regarding this drug I have attended in the past five months. There have also been homicide cases involving it [Citalopram].’

I will keep any eye out for the MHRA response to Coroner Cotter, but won’t hold my breath!!

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