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Archive for the ‘Health’ Category

Crusader’s highly deserved recognition

Posted by shutah on February 19, 2011

Surely, one of the proudest moment’s in Bob Fiddaman’s quest for justice in the eternal fight against SSRI’s .

As Bob writes in his blog “What could piss off GlaxoSmithKline more than Bob Fiddaman getting an award for basically highlighting their dark history?”

Way to go Fiddy!!!!!!

[Click the pic to read the full story]


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Legal Action Delayed

Posted by shutah on January 30, 2011

End to epilepsy drug action delayed

By Cathy Gordon, PA 28 January 2011


A move to discontinue legal action brought by families who blame an epilepsy drug for causing defects in their children suffered a delay today.

Claims by more than 150 families were expected to be formally discontinued at a hearing before a judge at the High Court in London.

But Mr Justice Eady was told that a “difficulty” had arisen which meant that the proceedings would have to be adjourned.

Lawyers representing the families had earlier announced they had been forced to abandon the trial of the action following the withdrawal of legal aid.

The Legal Services Commission (LSC) said in November it was no longer funding an action against the makers of sodium valproate, a drug used to prevent epileptic seizures.

Claimants allege that the drug, also known as Epilim, caused a range of birth defects, including spina bifida, damage to the heart, learning difficulties, cleft palate and deformities of the hands and feet.

They have been pursuing a legal action for damages against manufacturer sanofi-aventis, claiming there were inadequate warnings about possible harm in the 1990s.

The firm has denied the claims, saying it has always provided appropriate precautions and warnings on the risks associated with possible side-effects of the medicine.

The plan for today was for lawyers for the families to advise the judge that the case against the manufacturers must be discontinued because continuing without legal aid funding would place their clients at “too great a financial risk”.

But the proceedings were adjourned for clarification to be sought relating to the terms of a proposed final order in the case.

Mr Justice Eady heard that the defendant would be taking instructions from representatives in France relating to one part of the order – that concerning the circumstances in which it would seek to enforce costs at any time in the future.

The court heard that there may have to be further consultation with all of the claimants by their lawyers to explain the situation to them with regard to the costs implications – a process which could take three months.

A further hearing is now expected to take place at the High Court in May.

Announcing the move to discontinue recently, solicitors Irwin Mitchell said their clients were “devastated” that their case would never be heard in court after six years of preparation for trial.

Despite the fact that the legal action has had to be dropped, families have vowed to continue their campaign.

A Legal Services Commission spokesman said: “Following advice from counsel, the Legal Services Commission has withdrawn legal aid funding for the multi-party action claim against the makers of the drug Epilim.

“Before making the decision, LSC had to await the exchange of evidence and the provision of comprehensive opinions from counsel – this process was only completed by the solicitors in late October.

“The claimants then exercised their right to appeal to a panel of lawyers who are independent of the LSC. This panel upheld the decision to withdraw funding.

“We have great sympathy with those who claim to have had adverse effects in connection with this medication, but our funding decisions must always be based on solid legal grounds.”


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Ready? Get Set … GO!!!! Deja vu strikes again!!!

Posted by shutah on January 26, 2011

Reps Hired for Viibyd Launch ……..

Now that Clinical Data has an FDA approval in hand, it’s gearing up to grab a piece of the $12 billion antidepressant market. The company is hiring sales reps and rolling out a marketing campaign to support its new drug Viibryd, hailed as the first SSRI without troublesome sexual side effects. Viibryd will face some entrenched competition, including branded drugs such as Cymbalta and Lexapro, as well as a slew of generics.

As Medical Marketing & Media reports, Clinical Data started early this year with a print campaign designed to prepare the ground for a launch. Advertorials pointed out side effects of existing antidepressants and suggested that patients might need another, better-tolerated alternative. Meanwhile, a New York ad agency is working on branding, and others are preparing to target payers and physicians.

Clinical Data CEO Drew Fromkin told MM&M that he’s aiming to have 150 reps ready to go for a second-quarter launch. They’ll target psychiatrists first, then aim to expand into primary care. Marketing materials will focus on Viibryd’s differences from existing meds. The drug will be touted as the “first and only” antidepressant to combine an SSRI and a serotonin 1a receptor partial agonist in one molecule, Fromkin said.

Of course, Viibryd’s side-effect profile will see the spotlight, too. “We have a very safe drug here, and the adverse events are very different than you see in other [depression] drugs,” Fromkin said. And although the CEO didn’t mention it specifically, you can bet that marketing will get around to talking about the data on sexual side effects, which didn’t crop up in Viibryd patients more often than they did in those taking placebo.

Sorry, what was that???

Fromkin said that, while no head-to-head studies have been conducted to compare Viibryd with other drugs on the market, “at the macro level, we have a very safe drug here, and the adverse events are very different than you see in other [depression] drugs.” Specifically, Viibryd “doesn’t have any issues with respect to cardiac or liver function issues, blood pressure and other vitals,” said Fromkin. “You don’t see that with our drug.”

Ah, so there ARE adverse effects, they’re just “VERY DIFFERENT THAN YOU SEE IN OTHER [DEPRESSION] DRUGS!!

Oh, well, that’s alright then!!!!


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Effects of paroxetine on human sleep

Posted by shutah on January 18, 2011

Well well well … this is something I didn’t know about Seroxat, and it explains quite a lot for me personally!!!!

Short report from Br. J. clin. Pharmac. (1986), 22, 97-99

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Highway to Hell

Posted by shutah on September 27, 2007


This will cause a ruckus. Verispan is reporting that total scrips for antidepressants for teenagers age 13 to 17 decreased nearly 18 percent between July 2003 and July 2007. And scrips for patients taking a drug for the first time fell 95 percent among all teenagers during the same 4-year period. (Go here).

The data shows that antidepressant scrips for teenagers have been declining for the past 4 years. In contrast, antidepressant scrips for patients 18 and older have grown approximately 13 percent during the same time period. [UPDATE: Verispan provided year-to-year data: As of July 2004, there were 5.8 million scrips written for teens 13 to 17 years old. That fell to 5.3 million the next year and 4.8 million in July 2006, before hitting 4.7 million this past July. Similarly, scrips fell to 2.3 million from 3.1 million during the same period for kids younger than 12.]

The American Psychiatric Association says the publicity in 2004 over the controversy linking the pills to suicide scared off many psychiatrists and patients from meds that may offer help to the depressed. They also blame the Black Box warnings the FDA required drugmakers to put on product labeling, although those didn’t appear until early 2005. The APA’s American Journal of Psychiatry recently published two studies arguing that point. It’s worth noting that the most recent study was funded, in part, by Pfizer and authored by researchers with financial ties to drugmakers that sell antidepressants.

In one respect, the Verispan data matches a trend seen in data from Medco, the pharmacy benefits manager, which found that….

…scrips for male and female youngsters between 10 and 19 years old were rising between 2001 and 2003, but the rate of growth was actually slowing. Then, 2004 was relatively flat. There was a dramatic drop in 2005, but scrips leveled off in 2006. Verispan’s data shows a 9 percent drop among teens from July 2004 to July 2005 and another 10 percent from July 2005 to July 2006. But from July 2006 to July 2007, scrips fell only 2 percent, suggesting the trend has finally slowed. As Express Scripts noted earlier this year in its annual Drug Trend report, “the decline prompted by suicidality warnings has subsided, and historical utilization growth should return.”

Meanwhile, Verispan is also reporting that visits by teenagers to physicians for depression fell 23 percent over the past 4 years. Visits by teenage males dropped by 28 percent, compared with a 23 percent declined among females. The percentage of teenage visits to docs for depression where a drug was issued dropped significantly – from 85 percent in the 12 months ending July 2004 to 69 percent in the 12 months ending July 2007.

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